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RY Guitar/Soloist type

owner: Shin

2021.3.15: This time, we had a Warmoth showcase for the setup.
I had been looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-love direct-mount normal pitch rear hum that I had never had any use for before, and this is what I came up with.
The body is a dinky type, but the name is Soloist, and the color is a satin color that shows the conduit of the wood, and the color is a natural vintage yellow like the color of the neck.
The color is a natural vintage yellow color, similar to the color of the old Jackson necks.
The neck is made of flame maple and ebony fretboard.
The rod cover was made by referring to ESP because the shape of Warmoth's rod cover was not balanced with the head design.
When I had the Telecas made, there was plenty of room on the up side without recessing the bridge, but this one is almost a solid attachment.
Vol is a B500k ohm pot with a high pass capacitor, and the knob can be pulled to tap the coil front to back.
I had the logo with larger letters than usual added to match the shape of the head, and the neck joint is a bush type instead of a plate type.
I also changed the string gauge and added a 0.2mm spacer to the nut because I was a little scared of the released strings.
The bridge has a short stainless steel saddle fixing screw and the insert block has been replaced with a titanium one.
The tremolo block is a 42mm fat brass type, but the parallel position of the spring was off, so I settled with a 37mm normal block that I had left over.
I'm glad that the old Pearly Gates I had for many years ended up on a guitar that feels right.
2021.11.21: The wire of the rear PU was cut short when I got it, and the tape of the PU itself was also damaged, so I replaced it with the same current Pearly Gates.
2021.12.22: I replaced the bridge with the current Schaller S-FRT-2 instead.
The latest model has a different housing for the arm.
The titanium insert block used to be used, but it seems to be incompatible with the current bridge saddle and the strings may not be locked properly, so this time only the saddle fixing screws were replaced with the stock ones.
2022.12.15: I felt that the sound was different between the current SH-PG and the old model, so I changed it back while changing the strings.

Posted on Mar 15, 2021



USA production → Japan incorporation

sound features

The sound balance is easy to handle because everything is well put together in a compatible manner.

body material

Ash 2P

body finish

satin poly

neck material

Roastead Flame Maple

fingerboard material


tuning machenes

GOTOH SG360-07

number of frets

22(#6100 Stainless Steel)

scale length



Seymour Duncan - SL59-1n LITTLE '59 STRAT NECK/SH-PG1b Pearly Gates Bridge


1Vol(Pull with Coil Tap),3way Toggle Switch,


Schaller S-FRT-2 37/R3



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