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RY Guitar/Order Telecast Type FRT

owner: Shin

2022.4.5: I ordered a neck based on a body that appeared on warmoth's stock list last fall, and it finally got built after a considerable delay in terms of production and transportation.
The SRV shaped neck is slightly thicker than the 59 type if you only look at the numbers, but the asymmetrical shape with the thicker 6th string side and thinner 1st string side gives it a unique grip and a thinner feel than the 59.
As usual, I did the electrical installation myself.
Although there is a pickguard, the single PU is direct-mounted for efficiency, but a thin screwdriver can be used to adjust the height of the PU through the mounting screw holes.
I was worried about painting the top because it has a rare tortoiseshell binding, but I had it painted in orange gloss finish, which is brighter and more yellowish than the Telecas that I had ordered.
It is brighter than the last Corinna Tele we made, but it is still hard to capture the actual color with a smartphone camera.
The sides, back, and neck are natural satin finish.
The position marks are Moongrow (luminous) including the sides.
2023.2.16: When I built this guitar, I had set FRED and Texpex2 as Haruhata spec, but it didn't sound like that from the spec, so I changed all PU to DiMarzio and joint plate to 2mm made by FREEDOM maybe.
2023.3: The sound of the center PU with series wiring was not balanced well, so I changed to constant tap wiring.
I made it so that the hum is canceled by halftoning with the rear.

Posted on Apr 5, 2022



USA production → Japan incorporation

sound features

The Pro Track was wired in parallel for a noiseless yet trebly sound, and since it had a little more high frequency than the center Virtual Vintage, the center was also used on tap to achieve balance.
I wired it so that only the rear PU is coil-tapped at half-tone.

type of gear

Telecaster type

body material

Flame Maple Top/Black Korina Back

body finish

Polyurethane (gloss on body top only)

neck material

Roastead Flame Maple

fingerboard material

Roastead Flame Maple

tuning machenes

GOTOH SG360-05 R6

number of frets

22(#6100 Stainless Steel)

scale length



DiMarzio F:DP188 Pro Track(Parallel)/C:DP402 Virtual Vintage(Coil Tap)/R:DP151F Paf Pro


1Vol,1Tone(Push with Rear PU Coil Tap),5way Lever SW,


Floyd Rose Original 37/R3



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