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Marshall Bass Amp

owner: くりちゃん

I want to play bass! I went to a music shop to buy a bass guitar, and I was going to buy a YAMAHA 10W 8,500yen amp at first, but the shop assistant said "You won't regret if you have a Marshall in the future" and "I'll give you a Fender shield now". I bought it for more than double the price, but I don't play the bass much.... I don't play the bass much...lol...it sounds great when my friends and seniors come over...

Posted on Jan 24, 2014

foreign country

sound features

If a bad player plays it, it sounds lame. If a good player plays it, it sounds good?

I don't know much about bass, but the bass is so good, it echoes in the downstairs room lol, and when I slap some comp on it, it works so well that I get preppy lol.

purchase price

19800 yen

type of gear

Bass Amp



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