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effects board

owner: Umiteru

BOSS FV-50 →KORG pitch black
→MI Audio Tube Zone
Patches are Classic Pro GIC0015
Shield is CAJ 5m II and IL.
In the studio, I use a JC-120 after this, but for home recording, I use an amp, POD XT LIVE, etc.
I use as needed.
I use a lot of distortion, but my main distortion is Tube Zone.
It produces a nice, weighty sound.
MT-2, I haven't used it in the studio yet, but it works great with the distortion on my home amp, but it's probably not as smooth as I'd like it to be.
The DM4, which has 4 presets, drive, distortion, fuzz, comp, and more!
I don't use it much, but sometimes I use it. It sounds a bit digital. I've used it in the studio and live, but it's not very smooth.
I may write more about POD in the future.

Posted on Aug 11, 2014


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