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Fender Japan ST71-85 3TS

owner: Shin

2017.1.7: I was hoping to get a large head Strat with a decent usable maple fretboard someday.
As a Lark lover, I thought the Love Driver sunburst would be a safe choice for everyday use, but it's popular and produced in small numbers, so it doesn't come on the market very often.
Then, I was thinking of putting a gold anodized PG on a similar strat, and I found one that has already been done so on the market.
I bid a little bit, but I managed to win the auction because it was a large head and had all the required specs.
I was excited when I found out later that it was almost the same age as mine, but when I received it, I found it was stained with tar...
I looked at the catalog of the production period, but there was no lineup of large heads in sunburst, so maybe it was a color ordered by a music store? Maybe it is the color ordered by the music shop?
There is only one tension pin, unlike the original '71 model.
The model number was stamped on the neck pocket.
2017.2.19: Cleaning and assembly completed.
The bridge potato screws are rusted and other parts show quite a bit of age deterioration.
2017.12.12:I gave it away because the opportunity to use it did not come after all and I got a higher model than this one.
2020.12.27: I bought it back from an acquaintance who gave it to me.
It was used only for playing at home, so I think it is almost the same condition as it was at that time, maybe a little rusted.
2021.1.9: I replaced all the electrical parts except the PU and selector, knobs, PU cover, and screws.
The pots and capacitors for the two tones and the smooth taper Vol capacitor and resistor were replaced with the CTS 250kΩ CTS that was originally in the Crews Tyler modoki. I used the CTS 250kΩ No-Load pots for the tones.
All the screws around the PG had been changed to a different standard from the original when I got it, so I changed them back to the standard I originally used so that they don't look strange anymore.
2021.3.12: I had the fret fret adjustment, nut replacement, and pickguard screw holes filled and re-drilled at the workshop.
The pickguard was slightly warped because some of the screw holes were out of alignment, but this has also been improved.

Posted on Jan 10, 2017


serial number

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sound features

The sound is still not accustomed to the difference in sound pressure caused by the uneven pole piece.
The sound is a little rounder than the trebly sound due to the noise countermeasure I have applied with Noise Hell. I feel that the sound is a little rounder than the treble sound, but I feel the goodness of the 3-single, such as the halftone.

type of gear


body material

Center 2P basswood?

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Cruson type with F logo

number of frets


scale length



1vol,2tone,5way Lever switch



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