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Aug. 22, 2019: I found this one tossed for sale with the PU, escutcheon, and tailpiece anchors missing and bought it.
It looks like it was added later because the center PU is more nicely molded with a counterbore than the stock front and back.
It looks like a swing tailpiece or Bigsby was added, and there are screw hole marks on the bridge and near the strap pin.
The wood seems to be phenolic, as there is no serial number and the fretboard was cleaned with lemon oil, which did not seep in.
2019.10.29: The nut was worn very low on the 4th string even when the nut was released, so I had it fretted with a beef bone nut and the frets were rubbed with Plek.
The PU was transplanted from an AriaPro2 3PU model I had previously purchased.
2020.5.7: I replaced all the electronics except the PU and changed from 2Vol,2Tone to AriaPro style 3Vol,1Tone.
Unlike the Alipro, the rear tone knob is set to center vol, so it feels like a normal Les Paul with a booster added.
I am considering replacing the PU itself, although it sounds simpler and more manageable than the phase sound, but I don't think it is a very good one.
The knob is also changed to a hat type to match the CTS inches and a pointer is also added.
2020.5.12: I had a commercial pickguard modified at the workshop, and I think it looks close to the stock one.
2022.2.1:I replaced the PU with a Gibson 498T/490R gold cover set that I had gotten used and an SPH-90n that I had put on my Alipro.
2022.9: I removed the PU and sold it as I had the original one available.

Posted on Sep 2, 2019
serial number

nashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)



type of gear

Les Paul Custom Type

body material

Maple Top/Mahogany Back

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Greco Logo

number of frets


scale length



F:Gibson 490R/C:Seymour Duncan SPH-90N/R:Gibson 498T


3Vol,1Tone,3way Toggle SW,





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