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RY Guitar/Jazzmaster Type FRT

owner: Shin

2021.4.30: I was looking for a spec like the AC-6 that is easy to use for everyday use, and I found that Warmoth can make a Jazzmouth type that is pretty close.
The AC-6 is based on the JAGUAR, so the slide switch and some of the panels are separated, but this is a Jazzmouth, so most of the wiring work can be completed with a single pickguard, and the controls are simple.
The jacks are on the side, so one of the jack holes on the front side is a tap switch, and the original PU selector position is a kill switch that shuts off the sound only while it is pressed.
I put a high-pass capacitor in the vol.
Other than the controls and PG, the AC-6 does not have the following features: no bridge recess, 22-fret maple fretboard, bush neck joint, ash body, and for the first time, I had the top finished in gloss and the side backs in satin.
You can see the bumps on the paint border by touch, but basically it doesn't bother me.
The color order was based on the image of the more flashy PRS Bonnie Pink, but the random quilts were a little too subtle this time, so I had it painted with an emphasis on the grain, resulting in a pink with a slightly dull look.
The result is a pink with a slightly dull look. It is similar to the pink of the Ken model.
I am very grateful to the maker for responding to my request, as it was the first time for me to ask for something like this, and it was filled with more elements than last time that would not be made commercially.
2022.3.6: I changed the pickguard to pearl white for a change.
The controls are more Jaguar-like than last time, and the Vol knob is now closer to the Strat.
The effect of the front and rear PUs and the three mini-switches are exactly the same as AC6, so you won't be confused when you change the guitar.
The kill switch is now located away from the jack hole, but it is easier to operate than I thought it would be.
2022.10.23: I made chrome parts to make it closer to AC-6.
I changed the PU to a BKP True Grit set and removed the high-pass capacitor.
I like the original black parts and the black bobbin open hum, so I will change it again at the next string change.
2023.3:I changed the PU to a Seymour Duncan JB front and rear set, put the metal parts back to black, and lowered it a semitone.
2024.4: I was concerned about the warping of the tortoiseshell pickguard and wanted to experiment, so I installed a Seymour Duncan SPH-90 Set to make it more like a Jazzmaster.
The switch in the middle of the control allows you to switch to turbo mode, but I miscalculated that it makes more noise than the parallel mix.

Posted on Apr 30, 2021



USA production → Japan incorporation

sound features

Since the SPH-90 is a single coil, noise is inevitable on a single coil, but I wonder if it would be interesting to see it on a guitar with these specifications.
While it becomes a pseudo humbucker in turbo mode, the noise rides on it, so I wonder if a parallel mix would be used more.

type of gear

Jazz Master Type

body material

Quilt Maple Top/Ash Back

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes


number of frets

22(#6100 Stainless Steel)

scale length



Seymour Duncan SPH-90 SET


Vol,PU Mode Select SW(Series/Parallel)Tone,3way Toggle Switch,,Push with Kill SW,


Schaller S・FRT-2 37(Fat Brass)/R2



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