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RY Guitar/Dinky with PG Jim Burst

owner: Shin

2022.3.1: When I received the guitar you produced for me, you told me you were not sure if you wanted to sell it, so I purchased it.
The pickguard has been modified with a design that reflects the original manufacturer of this color.
I asked him to leave the PU off because I have a lot of my own stock.
The neck has a beautiful vertical grain with a wide flame grain, and the side dots are Luminray and the position marks are Pink Mother of Pearl, which matches this body color and is not seen in many other products on the market.
The insert block and joint plate are made of KTS titanium.
2022.3.9: A battery box was added at the workshop, the stock pickguard was modified, and another new one was made with the HSH layout based on it.
SSH extended the rear hum to accommodate an EMG and relocated the Vol and added a mini switch.
I have wired it as a toggle switch in case I had never tried 18v drive before and was not happy with it.
2022.9.16: I was going to install a passive circuit, but since I added a battery box, I changed it to HSH with the active circuit.
I was afraid of the noise and extra load on the amp when switching from 18v to 9v, and I also have other guitars that I would have to switch to if I actually wanted to switch.
Instead, I installed the 89 on the front PU inverted and used it as a switch to switch from SA to 85 mode.
I wired it to run in SA mode when it's down so I can use it as a SSH for everyday use, and when it's up, I can use it as if the front is boosted.
The 89 logo is almost gone, so I thought it wouldn't be noticeable that I flipped it.
I will eventually replace the 89R when I get it.
I had a 3S PG made as an experiment, and I tried 1vol, 2tone 18v drive with a white logo F.G.I Technology 3S. It was interesting to get a crystal tone, or maybe a chorus sound without the need for an effector. It sounded interesting, but the distortion was so devastating that I immediately switched back to the HSH specs.
I also learned that only 1 tone or 1 vol is enough for the active mode, because I could not feel any change in tone even with 2 tones.
I also changed the pegs from magnum lock to normal knobs with 05 specs.
2023.9.16: I replaced the front PU with 89R and unified the direction of the logo.

Posted on Mar 1, 2022



USA production → Japan incorporation

sound features

I wondered whether to use 81 for the rear since it is mainly for SSH layout-like usage, but I decided to continue to use 85 for the rear considering the balance when using the 89 in 85 mode on the front.
The 18v drive does give a wider range, but it also makes you a little more careful when you play it when distorted.

type of gear

Dinky Stratotype

body material

Ash 2P

neck material

Quarter Sawn Maple

fingerboard material


tuning machenes

GOTOH SG360-05

number of frets

22(#6100 Stainless Steel)

scale length



EMG 89R/SA-X/85


1Vol,1Tone,5way Lever Switch,Mini SW with Front PU SA→85 mode selector,


GOTOH 1996T/Floyd Rose Original R2



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