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(売却)Gibson/LesPaul Classic Premium Plus

owner: Shin

2021.3.23: I have been looking for this model ever since I learned of its existence.
I am very happy to have found it because it is the same year as my Standard, and when I searched the market, this year was the only one that did not come up very often, and the price jumped considerably even in private transactions, so opportunities were hard to come by.
I was also lucky to be able to get it at a low price despite its recent use.
The pickguard is genuine and has 1960 gold lettering on it.
The top is said to be 3A grade, but I think it has the 4A class of current domestic makers.
The bridge saddle will be replaced, probably due to age-related dirt, etc., as the screws do not turn and the octave cannot be adjusted.
2021.4.16: When I disassembled the entire instrument, the bushings of the pegs came off easily and I checked them and found that there were marks where GROVER type pegs had been put on in the past.
The peg holes were widened like a mortar and it was difficult to re-drill them with a buried tree, so I had the holes widened and replaced with conversion bushings.
I wanted to keep the stock pegs to differentiate them from the GROVER ones on my standard.
The high position frets were rubbed flat, and when I had the strings re-strung I could see that there was a high rise and a slight torsion.
The bridge was replaced with a new saddle adjustment screw and a wire to prevent the piece from falling off, so that the octave can be adjusted for now.
2021.6.23: I had the fret rubbing and pickguard position corrected at Plek.
It is now still usable as a player's condition, so I will renew the electrical components when I feel like it.
2022.9.1:I had the ABR bridge replaced at the workshop because I had been concerned about the warping of the bridge body for a long time and now that the supply has finally settled down.
2023.8: I later bought a classic of the same year, and although I liked the condition and grain of this one better, I sold it because I was not likely to use it any more.

Posted on Mar 23, 2021


type of gear


body material

Flame Maple Top/Mahogany Back

body finish


neck material


fingerboard material

Rose Wood

tuning machenes

Cruson type

number of frets


scale length



Gibson 496R/500T


2Vol,2Tone,3way toggle SW





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