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Guitar Collection Virtual is a site to post your own guitar

Guitar Collection Virtual is a virtual guitar collection site where members can post their own guitars.

If you are a guitarist, please introduce your beloved guitar.

Initial Registration and Service Usage Guide

First time use

Register as a new member!

Please fill in the required fields in the "New Member Registration" form to register as a member.

Register your profile!

You can register your profile by clicking the "Profile" link on the "Dashboard" page.
Enter a profile of yourself as a guitarist, including your guitar history, guitar style, guitarists you admire, etc., and let other members know who you are.
Your profile will be visible only to logged-in members. It is not possible to set the level of publicity.
Your account management page and email address will not be visible to anyone.

Submit your guitars and gear!

You can submit your guitars and gear from the "Submit a Guitar" page.
For more information, see Submit a Guitar or Equipment.
Once you have submitted your guitar or gear, it will be visible to all visitors to the Virtual Guitar Collection. There is no way to set the level of visibility.

Create your own collection of guitars and gear!

If you find a guitar or piece of equipment that you like that has been posted by another member, you can add it to your collection gallery by clicking on the "Collection" button.
For more information, see Become a Collector.

Comment on guitars and gear

Any member can post comments on the guitars and equipment posted.
If you find a guitar or piece of equipment that interests you, comment on it.
For more information, see Commenting.

Submit your guitar or gear

Guitar and Equipment Registration and Collection

You need to log in first

Click the "post your gear" link on the Dashboard page or the entries link in the sidebar to go to the registration page.

About submitting images

You can submit up to four images. Only images in jpg, gif, or png format can be uploaded. The maximum upload size is 4000px(width) and 4000px(height) per image.

Registering specifications

Introduce your guitar or gear to other members by entering details such as make, model name, and sound characteristics.
Other members may see it and become collectors of that guitar.