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RY Guitar/Jazzmaster type

owner: Shin

2020.7.14: I have ordered one completely different guitar, but I was told that there were several neck and body stocks, so I chose the one I had assembled from among them and finished it first.
The color is a fade color, which is very popular these days.
Coincidentally, the color also matches the color of the position mark on the neck.
The wiring work was done by myself except for the conductive paint, and I brought in most of the parts at a very reasonable price.
I used black parts to match the VS-100G that I had on hand for a long time, but I could have used chrome and parchment-colored PU covers to match the body color.
The position of the strap pin at the end of the body was shifted up so that it would not fall down easily even if it is placed on the floor.
The head logo is also in a different position than it should be.
2020.11.15: Altero Custom Guitars made a pickguard in the original shape, added a new toggle switch on the upper horn side, added conductive paint, and added string guides on the 5th and 6th strings.
The position of the PU selector was difficult to use, so it was moved up, but the hole for wiring is very close to the top.
The original pickguard design was not balanced with the current position of the control holes, so it was designed to be cut vertically like the Telecas.
The problem of the wound strings resonating between the nut and the pegs has been solved with the use of string guides.
I chose strings for the 3rd and 4th strings because I thought that the strings for the 1st and 2nd strings would be under too much tension and would blow out someday.
The bridge and locking pegs, combined with the reverse head, make tuning stable even with the arm, and I think it is a very modern spec.
The pickguard is not only easy to use, but it also gives the guitar a different look and feel, and I am glad I made it.
2023.2.16: The Vol/Tone pot was set to 250k ohms when the guitar was completed, but I replaced it with 1M ohms to match the original.
The tone capacitor was also changed from 0.047 to 0.033.
I have been experimenting with the effect of the toggle switch below by switching the low-cut/high-cut tone on the tone bypass and Schecter, but I changed it to the effect of switching to the series wiring (turbo) of the PU on the custom plan for Jazzbe and Telecas.
I think it can be used as a sound variation rather than a custom tone circuit.
I changed to the same CTS pots, but the center position of the knob is slightly off and the Strat type knob interferes with the pickguard, so I made a different design.

Posted on Jul 15, 2020



USA production → Japan incorporation

sound features

The change to 1MΩ makes the sound more glaring than at 250kΩ, which is obvious even with the old strings, but in turbo mode it is just right.

type of gear

Jazz Master Type

body material


neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes


number of frets

22(#6150 Stainless Steel)

scale length



Seymour Duncan ANTIQUITY II


1Vol,1Tone,Turbo Mode ON/OFF SW,3way toggle SW,





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