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Purchased at a music store in Shinjuku called Rough Time, which mainly deals with basses.

The store sold guitars with only the neck changed, and I happened to find a color I liked on the Internet, so I immediately contacted the shop.

The manager told me that only the neck was vintage 70's and he was not sure about the rest.
The body might be made in Japan.

There was a discrepancy between the color I saw on the Internet and the actual color, but I bought it because it had gold parts and the body was an unusual color.

Later, when I took off the neck, I found a red engraving of the year 7? (The red stamping on the neck was really vintage, but the red stamping on the body was faded. I think it was about '73 or so.)

The manager recommended that I take the guitar case home with me since the 120,000 price included the cost of the guitar case, but it was a hassle to carry it around and my room was about to be filled with guitar cases. But it was a hassle to carry it around and I was afraid my room would be full of guitar cases, so I told him I would come back later and bring it home in a soft case I had prepared myself. He said he would keep it for me with a deadline, but I didn't go back to get it...

Looking back, I should have gone to get it... (tears)

After about a year of use, I replaced the pickups with Joe Burden, as one guitarist had done. The condenser was replaced with a "Bumble-Bee".

As of now, I kept the front and replaced the bridge with "TE'60s Black" by VOO DOO.

I also reversed the control section. A modification that my favorite Terry Cass also did.

Posted on Feb 8, 2010

197?years (neck only)

sound features

Perhaps because I shielded the entire cabinet, it no longer sounds like a Telecass.

purchase price

About 120,000 yen (90% of the price of the neck and guitar case)

type of gear


neck material


tuning machenes

Fender engraved pegs




6 bridges



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