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(Sold) HORIZON 5th bottle

owner: Shin

2016.7.31: Purchased at auction.
Maybe I was excited because I got a little bonus lol.
I mentioned that I would like to have a 2-ham HORIZON with a reverse head when I was at a guitarist's gathering about 2 weeks before it was put up for sale, but I had no idea it would show up right after that lol.
It was missing the arm and back panel, and there was a noticeable amount of uneven brown rust in places, as if it had been left in a warehouse.
When I polished the frets, there were a number of floats on the first string side, not a noticeable clogging, but a level of concern.
The Sinclair bridge is slightly different from the white one.
There is no indication on the PU, but the base plate and wiring materials are the same as the LH-200 on the white one, so it seems that both front and rear bridges are genuine ESP bridges.
But the wiring system is different from the white one. When mixing front and rear, both have master volume like the Flying V. The white one has 2 vols of jazzbe type.
2016.8.21: The missing arm was made.
The tuning accuracy is stable after arming.
2016.9.3; The back panel has been added, so it seems that all the missing parts have been made up.
2017.12: I was wondering if I should repair it for a long time, but I had no use for it and was afraid of parts deterioration, so I sold it.

Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Around 1991, apparently?



sound features

It sounds more manageable than the white HORIZON, but it is probably the same PU.

purchase price

About 56,000 plus about 4,000 for arms and all that.

type of gear


fingerboard material

Ebony (not sure as it is not very black)

number of frets


scale length



Probably LH-200 before and after


2vol,1tone, 3way togle SW





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