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(Sold)YAMAHA SG1000

owner: Shin

2016.10.29: I purchased this guitar through an online retailer.
When I was originally thinking about purchasing Arc, I had at least considered it as my first choice when I was thinking about something easy to play in high position while retaining the good qualities of Les Paul.
However, I never had a chance because of the price hike in recent years and the high risk of repair even if I could get one at a low price.
I was looking for a 1000 with a set neck, which I thought was the closest to what I was looking for if I wanted to take advantage of Les Paul's qualities, although the higher grades have ebony fingerboards and through necks.
I stumbled upon this one late at night on an online shopping site, and at the same time it was on sale for 10% off, so I bought it after agonizing over it until the next daytime.
I didn't know what kind of YAMAHA's unique "white cloudiness" was, but the originally black body is now muddy with a light greenish tint.
It comes with the original hard case and is genuine except for the missing pickguard.
2016.12.19: I had the frets replaced with Jescar #55090 nickel because the remaining frets were quite low.
The pegs were also replaced with the same GOTOH MG-T as on the Arc because the stock ones were no longer accurate.
I also had all the electrical components except the PU and the nut replaced with new ones.
It was noisy when I got it, but I had them do a good job of treating the noise with conductive paint, etc., and it has been revived as a modern guitar.
The bi-sound system is a Push/Pull switch pod for durability and because it is easier for me personally to use the same specifications as the Arc.
The black lineup has been available since 1982, so this one seems to be an early model.
2021.1: I used it with Arc for the first year or so, but after that I sold it because I only kept it as a collection.

Posted on Oct 29, 2016


serial number




sound features

The impression is that it is a PU that sounds so well that it is hard to believe that it is over 35 years old.
The impression is that it has a guttier sound than the Arc, but the clean sound on tap can be used for delicate playing.

body material


neck material


fingerboard material

Rose wood

tuning machenes


number of frets

22F Jescar #55090

scale length



Genuine (manufactured in June 1982)


2vol,2tone(Push/Pull coilltapSW),3way toggle sw



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