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(Sold) EDWARDS - E-VP-75K

owner: Shin

2018.1.6: I got this in an equipment exchange.
As a Lark lover, K.A.Z. of VAMPS was of course interested in this one.
The difference from ESP is the bolt-on neck, rear VOL plate & kill switch & no blue line on the back of the neck.
According to the catalog, the original PU is Duncan SH-PG, and Edwards has the original PU called EH-1G.
The previous owner had replaced the electrical system with Chinese parts.
2018.4.15: The PU was replaced with a Duncan Distortion set, the electrical system was replaced with a decent one, and a high-pass capacitor was added.
Changed from 2vol,1tone to 1vol,1tone,Coil tap SW to make it easier to handle.
2019: The Duncan Distortion set was unbalanced as the guitar does not have much body resonance, so I replaced it with the APH-1 set.
I think the balance is better now that the power has been reduced.
2020:The frets had been rubbed together in the past, but the fret shaping had not been done at all, so I had them reshaped at the workshop.
2021.6.23:I wanted a Zebra APH-1N and had a set of unused SH-1s, so I replaced both the front and back.
The wiring at the time was messy, so I rewired it and also reassembled it to 2Vol/1Tone, the same wiring method as the original, since it is a 2-core design without a tap.
The high pass was also removed to make it more like the original.
2021.10: I sold this guitar because I have the original one and it was only a collection and I wanted to organize the storage space.
The neck is mahogany in the catalog, but it looks like a 3P from the way the paint on the back of the head is wavy, so it might be a maple 3P, which is common in ESP.
I am not sure though, as there was no place where the grain could be seen when the neck was removed.

Posted on Jan 13, 2018


sound features

Although it is a Telecaster type bridge, it does not have a characteristic sound that is so crisp, but it is compatible with the characteristics of SH-1 and gives a moderately contoured sound with a core, so it can be easily used for drop tuning.

type of gear


body material


neck material


fingerboard material

Rose wood

tuning machenes

Cruson type with Deluxe engraving

number of frets


scale length



Seymour Duncan SH-1b&n


2Vol,1Tone,3way toggle SW


TE Flat HB



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