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(Sold)ESP XJ-6 Ⅱ(1st version)

owner: Shin

2018.8.12: This is a very well used one.
I've been looking for one of these for a long time, but after about 3 years it disappeared from the catalog and I finally found it.
The color is out of the catalog, but other PU layouts had it, so I don't know about that.
The bridge stud was collapsed, so I had it repaired with a wood filler when I bought it, but the bridge saddle is positioned very far back and the position to open it has been moved very close to the neck.
2018.9.2: The product description when I bought it stated that the rear PU was SH-2b, but I actually checked and it was JB.
Personally, I don't like to use trem pitch for FRT, so I replaced it with my TB-5.
I also replaced the toggle switch with a 6-pin type for durability.
2019.8.12: The bridge studs were repositioned and a new pickguard was made.
By separating the pickguard and the companses, we were able to produce two different PU layouts and companses.
I built it with EMG 60/SA/58.
2021.1.9: I transplanted the EMG to RY's BAREATS Modoki and transplanted the DiMarzio set that was on that one to this one.
I also changed the panel to a switcheroo type from a 5-way lever SW.
I put a high pass capacitor in the Vol.
2021.4.30: I wanted to transplant the PU to another instrument, so I changed back to the original PG and PU specs.
I changed the wiring pattern of the neck side PU so that the adjustable pole piece side is enabled when tapped.
I really wanted to use a covered TB4, but I had it ready some time ago, but I lost it...
2022.5: I sold this guitar because I got the original AC6 and made a replica of it, so I don't expect to use it at all.

Posted on Aug 12, 2018

Circa 2001-2002



type of gear

Jaguar type

body material


neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

GOTOH SG360-05 R6

number of frets


scale length



Seymour Duncan SH-4b/2n


1Vol,1Tone,3way Toggle Switch,Mini SW with F&R PU series/tap/parallel


Floyd Rose Original 32/R2



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