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AIRCRAFT/AC-5 Beans Spec #000

owner: Shin

2021.2.8: I had seen this guitar on the Internet once and did not buy it at the time because I wanted a switcheroo type, but I bought it because it had been maintained before it was put on the market and seemed to be in better condition than it was at the time.
This is the first of the two concept models that Beans, a music store that used to exist, first ordered from Aircra, and I feel that they were concerned about the simple and easy-to-use control specifications.
The front coil tap activates the pole piece on the neck side.
All of the three airclas ordered by this music store had this type of knob, so I wonder if this was also a concern of theirs.
2021.2.18: I did the bridge OH and all the usual maintenance.
The fretboard is surprisingly even and black, even after cleaning. I doubt that it is really a rose fretboard.
The bridge had one of the insert blocks cracked, so it was replaced.
The saddle fixing screws had been ground off with a grinder to the extent that they protruded from the base plate, indicating that the setup had been done in the past by someone who was familiar with this area of trouble.
The brown rust was removed with a wire brush, but we went to the trouble of replacing it with a stainless steel screw.
Originally, 8mm screws are included in the factory, but I used 6mm to avoid the aforementioned problem.
The lock nut screws were also replaced with stainless steel screws.
Added cushioning material to the neck joint plate.
There are no signatures or stamps on the neck and pockets, and the screw holes in the neck had been filled in once, so it is possible that this area was tampered with when the guitar was reassembled.
The joint plate, wiring, vol pot, and capacitors have probably been replaced.
The Vol pot had a No Load pot for tone, so I replaced it with a custom pot.
It is quite a nice finished instrument.

Posted on Feb 10, 2021


body material

Quilt Maple Top/Mahogany Back

neck material


fingerboard material

Indian Rose Wood

tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets


scale length





1Vol,1Tone(PUSH&PULL with Front PU Coil Tap),5way Lever SW


Schaller S・FRT-2 37/R2



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