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owner: Shin

2021.10.29: I have a natural color, but I bought it because it was relatively cheap, as I don't see it on the market very often and it has some noticeable damage.
When I got it, the PU had been changed to Duncan front and rear, but it was an amateur job with some wiring mistakes and some connections added.
After cleaning the whole thing, I replaced the black TB-14 rear with a zebra TB-4 without logo that I had on hand, and rewired it.
The shafts of the pots were bent and the selector had broken terminals that had been forcibly soldered back on, so I replaced them.
The fretboard has some damage and I would like to send it in for a scrubbing.
2021.11.3: The tuning after arming was unstable and the bridge itself was not coming back to parallel, so I replaced both studs with new ones.
The three tremolo springs that were probably stock were too weak for the 10-46 strings when set to regular, so I set up two power springs in the shape of the letter "C." The accuracy was much improved.
The accuracy is much improved, but the edge of the bridge seems to be damaged, so it is a little difficult to play with a lot of energy.
2021.11.11: I replaced the front and rear PUs with black Duncan bobbins, because the front PU line that had been installed since I bought the guitar has been extended and the balance of the PU was not very good to begin with.
I'm going to stray from the model number for a while, but I decided to go with TB-14/SH-1N for now.
2023.1: I sold it after replacing the PU because I rarely used it.

Posted on Oct 30, 2021


sound features

The HB-Classic N Alnico 4 on the neck has a warm sound like Duncan's Jazz, and the HB-Classic Alpha B Alnico 5 on the rear has less power than Duncan's TB-5.

body material

Quilt Maple Top/Honduras Mahogany Back

neck material

Maple 3P

fingerboard material


tuning machenes


number of frets


scale length



GOTOH F:HB-Classic N Alnico 4/R:HB-Classic α Alnico 5 B


1Vol,1Tone(Pull with Coil Tap),3way Lever Switch,


Schaller S・FRT-2 37/R2



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