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owner: Shin

2020.7.4: This is the highest model in the Ken model catalog that I wanted to see in person someday. (The later lyric KK is not listed in the official catalog).
The specs are quite different from the red one and the accessories include a hard case made by SKB with FERNANDES logo and a Schaller lock pin.
A certificate of authenticity was also originally available but was missing.
It has an arch top quilt maple, hon maho back body without heel-less processing, curly maple neck and pasted curly maple fingerboard.
The mini switch is a tone cut switch, which gives the impression of slightly increasing the sound pressure when turned on.
The bridge saddles were assembled in different order, so it may have been sold after it was disassembled and became hard to play.
The joint plate seems to have been played so much that its plating is noticeably peeled off, and there are signs that the frets have been rubbed together.
The shaft of the tone pot was broken, so it was replaced. The battery snap was also replaced, but the wiring was messy, so it was reworked, two bridge insert blocks were replaced, and cushioning material was added to the neck joint plate and strap pins.
The guitar feels quite heavy.
2020.10.8: I had the fret rubbing, nut height adjustment, and excessively long wiring redone at Plek.
When I checked before the work, the rear PU sounded quite low even though the resistance was normal, so I had it replaced with the front and it seems to be a defective preamp.
The tone capacitor was replaced and the wiring pattern was changed so that the difference in range when the tone is cut is clearer than before.
2020.10.15: The original rear PU that had a defective preamp was replaced with the current SA (Ivory).
The difference in the logo and color may be noticeable up close, but I think I have restored it to its original state as an instrument.
2022.10:I sold it because I never used it though I liked it as a collection.

Posted on Jul 5, 2020


body material

Quilt Maple Top 15mm/Honduras Mahogany Back 32mm

neck material

Curly Maple

fingerboard material

Curly Maple(貼り)

tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets


scale length





1Vol,1Tone,Mini SW(Tone Bypass),5way Lever SW


Schaller S・FRT-2 37/R2



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