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owner: Shin

2021.1.27: I won this bid as a sustainer donor and out of curiosity due to the fact that I had never seen the actual instrument at all, although I had seen it on the Internet frequently.
It has a non-riveted firebird shape, a bolt-on maple neck, and simple controls except for the sustainer.
The top maple is not a drop top, but a high-positive top with a 2-piece center layer that is so thick that you cannot see the back mahogany even if you cut the contoured part of the top, and the back mahogany is 3-piece.
The clear layer on the top is partially weather cracked, and although it is not a high grade, they used a mixed grain of flame and bird's eye that can be seen from the angle.
The partial fret loss on the 2nd and 3rd strings is quite noticeable, and there is a tough spot on the 1st string chalking.
The bridge is very rusty, and I tried my best to scrape off the rust, but the imo screw on the 5th string saddle has become licked.
The battery snap was out and all the washers were gone except for one nut on the sustainer switch.
I have already confirmed that the sustainer works with all strings but the 5th string stretched, so I am going to take the sustainer for parts.
2021.2.5: The sustainer base was removed from the workshop to be transplanted to another guitar.
This guitar was manufactured by Dyna Instruments, and the crack on the top was caused by warping of the top material due to aging.
I was convinced that the cracks were not caused by external damage, but from the inside of the clear layer.
In addition, the MY-CUSTOM catalog had a quilted maple top and a Schaller NFT-1BC bridge, which is compatible with the VS100G.
I checked to see if I could replace it with a damaged saddle, but it was discontinued (lol).
Also, the camouflage MY-240S, which was a limited production, was only made in less than 30 pieces due to the special case.
2021.2.13: A follower of mine on Twitter removed a screw from the saddle that had become lacerated.
The screw holes are undamaged and in good working order.
2021.2.15: I went to a screw store to look for a replacement for the bridge saddle's immovable screws and screws, and found that they were all made of stainless steel, so I replaced them for a test.
Also, a friend of mine wanted it without the sustainer, so I plucked out the wiring area and made a stock rear hum single shot spec so I could get sound out of it.
I plan to sell it after I take it out to rub the frets together.
I thought again that it is a very good one as a spec other than the fact that the balance is good and the neck is thick with medium scale 24 frets and the arm can also be used, although it is a variant.
2021.4.26: I returned from the fret tuning.
2021.7.7: Sold to a friend.

Posted on Feb 5, 2021


body material

Maple Top 15mm/Mahogany Back(3P) 27mm

neck material


fingerboard material

Rose Wood

tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets


scale length





1Vol,3way toggle SW,Sustainer On/Off SW,Sustainer Mode select SW(3way)





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