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The GT2 in the kit had 2 out of 4 opamps changed. I picked up the wiring diagram of the GT2 on the net and made the wiring diagram for the universal board using the grid paper based on it. It took me 1 week to make it. I made DynaComp in 3 to 4 hours because I used an optional PCB in the kit. SD-1 took me about 2 weeks because it was the first time to build it by myself (except for the kit). I could assemble it in one night, but it didn't make any sound. I tried to figure it out after playing with the base every night, so I gave up and left it alone for about a week. Finally, I took off all the parts and reassembled it.

Posted on Feb 15, 2009
sound features

I don't have the original GT2. Between the kit and the homebrew, the kit sounds a little milder and softer. The DynaComp is almost the same. The tone is thin instead of having a firmer feeling. SD-1 is not compared with listening.



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