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Amp? This is Pump

owner: Zombie Tech

9v square battery drive, Fender type ship shape jack can be plugged in with the long type plug in picture 2. Due to the characteristics of the parts. It is a sound like LA metal from the bluesy distortion, but it is a drawback that an individual difference is intense. Because it is a toy.

Posted on Dec 30, 2011

My room

sound features

Distorts like an overdrive!
It is made for the advertisement of ZOMBIE-TECH and a hobby. I always aim for a good sound, but it is a collection of handmade and junk parts, so there is a lot of individual differences. However it's an interesting toy because it produces the perfect volume for practicing in a room or waiting room.

purchase price

If you give me 1,500 yen, I'll give you your money back, but with the cost of the parts, you'll have to pay less.

type of gear

From standard to celebrity



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