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Henriksen Jazz Amp with Raezer's Edge

owner: Kazu

Main amp.

I'm using a Henriksen JazzAmp Head with a Raezer's Edge NY8COMBO.

The NY8COMBO itself is made to fit the Accoyme, but if you change the rubber feet to shorter ones, this amp fits perfectly.

I usually take just the head with me when I go out.

It's a jazz amp, but it's good for rock too.

If you like the sound of solid state amps over tubes like I do, you'll love this amp.

The head type seems to be discon...

Posted on Jan 25, 2013


sound features

It has a mellow sound with a strong low mid on the flat.

Basically, it sounds like a jazz amp, but the EQ has 5 bands (100, 300, 1k, 3k, 10k) and it works well, so you can make any sound you want with clean.

The Raezer's Edge cabinet is also very low-mid, so I cut 100Hz and 300Hz very hard.

purchase price

The amp and the cabi are less than 70,000 yen

type of gear

Solid State Amp Heads



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