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Bizar Guitar Some updates

owner: Jun

Purchased as junk at auction. It has some problems from when it was new, which were remedied. Specifically, when I hold down the high fret, it touches the front pickup (PU height is not adjustable), so I put a 2mm spacer between the body and neck to solve the problem. The normal bridge (just a round shaft with a groove cut in it) was cut off when choking, and the octave did not match at all, so we replaced it with a roller type. The angle between the ball end of the strings and the bridge was too loose, so the sound was not extended, and the strings sometimes fell out while playing. I also replaced the pegs with Fender type pegs because they were rusted and almost shattering my back teeth when I tuned the guitar. I am still thinking what I should do if I change the PU. So I found an unidentified single PU among junk parts and tried to install it without changing the appearance. The PU is now much closer to the strings, so the volume and sound are much higher and the sustain is at a practical level. The sustain is now at a practical level. The members made fun of me at the last practice, but I'm going to make them scared at the next practice. Yeehaw....

Posted on Oct 11, 2009

Old days



sound features

Thin, no sustain

purchase price

3000 yen + about 5000 yen for parts

body material


tuning machenes

Replaced with fender type


Rear only changed to single coil


Replaced with roller type



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