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Two kittens

owner: Ogyuu09

My current main and twin-headed kitten.
I fell in love with its looks at first sight, then fell in love even more when I tried it out and found the sound to my liking, and now it is my best partner.

It is a brand from Germany, Duesenberg.

The model name is Double cat, as the name suggests.

It was available in two colors, black and fireburst, and I initially owned only the black cat.
But day by day, I wanted a red cat too...
I felt sorry for him if he didn't have two cats because of the name "Double cat"! I was so desperate that I ended up buying it.

It is indeed a spectacular sight when the two are lined up (though it is hard to be conveyed in the picture).

In fact, the hardware is slightly different because of the different ages, and the hard case is also different.

The red cat is set to regular, and the black cat is set to semitone down.

The neck is wide.
High position is hard to play.

But love will cover it.

Posted on Oct 3, 2013

Germany or USA

sound features

The rear humbucker has a lot of power.
The low and midrange are well balanced, and the highs are moderate, so there is a good nuke.

The tone balance is simple with 1Vol and 1Tone.
You can create the sound you want with just these two.

The front P90 has a warm and sweet sound.
It is mainly used for clean tones.

It is a guitar that can be used for all purposes.

purchase price

About 200,000 each.

type of gear

semi-acoustic guitar

body material

Maple top, Alder back

body finish


neck material

hard rock maple

fingerboard material



Rear - Humbucker Front - P90 type


Bigsby type



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