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(Sold) Fender Mexico Strat Squier series

owner: Shin

2015.9.6: Fender Mexico maple fingerboard guitar that I've always been interested in. Although I have a maple fingerboard in the ken model, it is painted and pasted maple. I also bought it from the flea market app that I was curious about how to get it, because it will be attached as a bonus with the VOX wah pedal and Fender strap. In addition, the service also came with a Boss patch cable and a broken distortion effector (laugh) It seems that the series with a list price of about 40,000 to 50,000 made by collecting Squier and Fender parts at the Mexico factory. At the time of acquisition, each pot was 500 kΩ, and although there was an additional switch to turn on the front, it was just a dummy when opened (laugh) I heard that the wiring was redone by a professional. Although it is too much solder, it is an amateur level, the relic processing is too rough and it is clear and dirty ... Because it is in such a state, it is really suspicious that it is Fender Mexico except for the neck ... 2015.9.19: Assembled because replacement parts are complete Pin → SCUD tubular chrome ・ Each pot → CTS A250kΩ ・ Condenser → Orange drop ・ Add ground by applying conductive paint in the cavity ・ Replace the bridge saddle with 1/4 inch potato screw ・ Replace the bridge spring with a new one with the strength of Fenjapa Replacement ・ Change the wiring to 1vol1tone, the lower tone knob is a direct switch ・ Dummy switch is wired so that the front PU can be turned on properly, when the direct switch is ON, it does not work due to the wiring configuration ・ The wiring material is Belden To 8503 ・ Use kester for solder ・ Reattach the back of the pick guard to the entire surface of aluminum tape ・ Replace the jack with a switch craft product ・ Replace the 5way selector → only the center due to poor contact, change from BOX type to open type ・ Knob is MONTREUX inch , Milli combined use ・ Strap pin → SCUD lock pin compatible product 2015.10.18: I tried to change the pick guard, but the size did not fit at all, and when I opened it, I changed the switch to the position of the middle tone from the bottom, and the effect was Change from a direct switch to a turbo switch that directly connects the center and rear If you replace the center PU with the front and try to make it the same as when you got it, the noise and balance will be better If you turn on both the turbo switch + front PU on switch 5way switch It is possible to turn on 3PU at the same time even with the rear w 2016.1: I sold it because it was used infrequently.

Posted on Sep 7, 2015


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sound features

The wiring material and the capacitor are combined, and the tone is very crisp, and in turbo mode, it certainly produces a sound close to hum.

purchase price

With main body & bonus + shipping = 22688 + remodeling / repair cost about 6000 yen?

type of gear


neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Seems to be the same as Squier

number of frets


scale length



1vol,1tone,5way Lever switch,Direct switch,Front PU ON switch


6-point stop tremolo, millimeter size, is this the same as Squier?



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