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caparison - TAT Red Sunset

owner: Shin

2016.11.6: I saw someone using a TAT II in Frozen Sky color on Nico and wanted one, but they are rarely available due to popularity and low production numbers.
When I played a 2015 TAT at a music store in the past, I couldn't make a quick decision and missed out because it had a stepped joint like a set neck even though it was a through neck.
I had been thinking for a while that I would give up on the color and buy it if it was a TAT, and finally it was listed for sale and I won the bid with great momentum.
I checked the serial number and found that it was made in 1996, not long after the company was founded.
The fact that I was able to acquire such a product in good condition with a hard case, instruction manual, and even a film on the rod cover made me feel happy, even though it was an expensive purchase (lol).
At the time of acquisition, the arming adjuster had been retrofitted, the rear PU had been replaced with a Duncan SH-13, and the center PU was not connected, but a 3-way lever switch with a 2-hum specification.
According to the instruction manual, this model was originally equipped with a mid booster instead of tone.
The arm housing was cracked and could not be installed, so it was replaced.
The back panel is missing, but only the screws are left.
The neck joint is machined similar to the Soloist with the deca logo, so it is easier to play than the TAT which had a bump.
2018.3.5: The selector has been replaced with a 5-way and the HSH layout is now coil-tapped for halftone.
It's amazing how different the character of SH13 and the other PU's are, too different from each other.
2018.11.25: I replaced the selector with a domestic VLX53 last time, but it hits the back panel due to the zaguri specs, so I went with a CRL open type.
The rear PU was hard to handle, so I replaced it with a Dimazio DP-102 Fspace.
I also checked other PU models and removed the arming adjuster.
2020.3.22: The insert block was cracked, so I replaced it with a titanium one and the rear PU with a TB-12.
2021.11.21: The wire of the rear PU was short and I was worried that I had to add a new wire, so I had the wire renewed at the workshop.
I also changed the selector to a superswitch, which normally has a 2H layout and becomes an HSH layout when the Vol knob is pulled, and changed the tone capacitor to an orange drop.

Posted on Nov 6, 2016


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Red Sunset

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F:Seymour Duncan SHR-1n(old type)/C:Caparison VS-1/R:Seymour Duncan TB-12


1vol(Pull with Selector Mode change),1tone,5way lever SW


Schaller S・FRT-2



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