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owner: Shin

2020.7.4: Probably the cheapest unit I could buy at the moment, but unfortunately the sustainer did not work.
Other than that, it is in pretty clean condition with no signs of use.
The difference from the sample unit I recently acquired is that the neck is not a scarf-jointed head, but a 3-piece hard maple neck that connects directly to the head, and is manufactured in Japan with stainless steel frets. The difference is that the neck is not a scarf-jointed head, but a 3-piece hard maple neck connected directly to the head, with stainless steel frets manufactured in Japan.
2020.9.8: While re-setting up the sustainer, I replaced the rear PU and the sustain Vol that was a switch pot with a mini-toggle SW with the sustain Vol fixed at full ten on the foundation side, and the effect was changed to a foundation bypass (rear PU and Vol) instead of coil tap. pot directly connected) instead of coil tap.
This way, even if the battery runs out during use, the sound will still come out and the selector will be bypassed, so you can switch from rear PU direct to front and mix sound like TOM Anne with the mini switch. I think the lever switch is reflexive.
I don't think I would use it that way because I think I would use the lever switch reflexively.
I am satisfied in many ways because I can now use it as a guitar with 1 rear hum and 1 vol in effect.

Posted on Jul 5, 2020


sound features

The sound when going through the base and when bypassing it does change, but the bypass switch can be turned on when there is no need to make a sound, except in case of emergency. I think the bypass switch is only turned on when I don't need to use it.

body material

Quilted Veneer 0.5mm+Maple 4.5mm,African Mahogany 40mm

neck material

Hard Maple 3P

fingerboard material

Maple (paste)

tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets

24(Stainless Steel)

scale length



F:Fernandes CD-100F/B:Seymour Duncan SH-4→TB-5


1Volume, Sustainer Bypass SW,3Way Lever-SW. ,Sustainer On/Off & Mode Switches





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