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Aria Pro II CS-350

owner: Shinsan

Got it used without knowing much about it.
Looks like a guitar from the 1980s.
It must be 30-40 years old.
It seems to have been a low-priced model at that time.

The frets are worn at the strings, but considering the age and the fact that it is a budget model, I think it is in good condition.
(I think it's a good condition considering the age and the affordable model (I think affordable models tend to be modified). (I think it was owned by a good owner.)

The string height is not low, but there is no noticeable chattering.
Pickups have MMK and groove on the back, and 45 printed on the back.
The pots have a small burr as expected, and the toggle switch has a weak spring and tends to return to the middle.

The coil tap and the phase switch are very good. (I thought it was quite a luxurious specification.
The sound in the hum position is quite thick, and with the coil tap switch, it becomes a single sound.

The body is made of a great combination of woods, about 8 pieces (lol).
I don't think this one has very interesting grain, but some pieces may be flashy!

The only thing I would like to change here is the toggle switch, because when I play it, the vibration brings the toggle switch back to the middle!

Posted on Oct 25, 2020

Unknown (apparently 1980s)

serial number

Engraved on neck plate


Looks like Japan.



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