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FENDER Michiya Haruhata Stratocaster Trans Pink

owner: Shin

2020.11.20: After it went on sale last month, I looked at it for a while and considered purchasing it, and chose one of the stock pieces that was not yet on the table, which was in the store with the best discounts and reductions at the time of purchase.
I was happy to find one that I was satisfied with, including the appearance, because I had seen several in the store and felt that the grain of the top, the position of the knots and joints in the ash, and the weight of the guitar differed quite a bit.
The only reason I gave up on the last model was that it had a rose fretboard, so this model is quite ideal for me.
2020.12.16: I verified a lot of things that were bothering me and customized it to my own easy-to-use specifications.
To reduce the misalignment of the bridge and fingerboard, I added 0.1mm spacers under the saddle for the 2nd and 5th strings and 0.2mm spacers for the 3rd and 4th strings to make the height of the 3rd and 4th strings lower than before. The low string height of the 3rd and 4th strings is now easier to play than before.
I measured the resistance of the pots and found that they were all 250k ohms, and the tone capacitor was for single use.
The controls are the same as a normal Strat. Vol,2Tone, with the rear PU on tone bypass.
I replaced the Vol and the front tone in the middle of the knob with a 500k ohm pot, added a capacitor for hum and a switch pot to coil tap the front PU when pulled.
The center tone is still the stock switch pot, so the on/off function of the front PUMix is still there.
So the switch function has been increased in the middle from the original lineup of controls.
The front and rear hums are Ibanez-style auto-tap wiring, and both have black bobbin coils enabled due to the magnetic pole compatibility of the center PU.
For some reason, the tremolo spring was not the one that came with the original GOTOH kit, and the hanger was just barely tight enough to fit in the 09-42, so I replaced it with the original black power spring with three hangers. The original black power spring was replaced with a three-piece power spring to allow for more room for tightening.
The weight has been lightened by replacing the characteristic large metal knob with a HATA hat type knob with a memory.
The joint was also replaced with a HATA titanium plate since there is no heel-less joint.
Cushioning material has been added to the end pins.
The sound is very original and I think it has been made to sound like the original by customizing in small details.
2021.1.18: The knob was replaced with a metal knob that is a little smaller than the stock knob.
2021.7.30: The acrylic PG was finally attached, although it took a long time due to a combination of the situation and the workload at the workshop where I requested the work to be done.
The lock nut has been replaced with the original R2, so I can feel the low-position pressing more lightly.
The power spring of the bridge is resonating as if the bridge itself is cricketing when the force of string plucking is strong, so I will replace it with a normal spring of GOTOH soon.

Posted on Nov 20, 2020




sound features

The rear has been tone bypassed, and the original FRED character has come out, which is quite edgy.
This may be due to the fact that the Texpeh is direct-mounted, but it seems a little rounder than my impression of the sound, even when raised just to the limit of its height. I feel it is a little rounder than my impression of the sound.

body material

Flame Maple Top/Ash Back(3P)

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Cruson type

number of frets


scale length





Master Volume,Center PU Volume,Master Tone(Push&Push with Front PU Mix ON/OFF), 5way Lever SW


Gotoh 1996T



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