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owner: Shin

2021.5.21: I bought this item from an overseas seller.
The pictures on the website showed that it was in a little bit of a low-maintenance condition, but when I actually got it, it was pretty dirty and the work was hard this time, too.
The specs are surprising: the body is a single-ply walnut, and the neck is flame maple, a grade not seen in the period.
The battery box and studs are anchor type, so I guess it was made in the late 90's or later.
The bridge saddle screws have been replaced with short stainless steel screws, the black locking pins have been replaced with gold ones, one of the insert blocks was cracked and has been replaced, the joint plate was missing cushioning material, the rear PU mini switch has been replaced with a silver one and has been replaced with a black one, the direct mount jack has been replaced with a silver one, the rear PU mini switch has been replaced with a black one, and the rear PU mini switch has been replaced with a silver one. The direct mount jack was replaced with gold instead of silver, escutcheon screws were replaced, and the direction of the direct switch was changed to an angle.
When the battery box, rear PU switch, and jack were replaced in the past, some of the wiring was also changed, but the wiring material was changed to a harder material, and some solder came off when lightly pulled.
The most difficult part was that there is no recess for the bridge, so there is an angle on the neck pocket, but there were traces that the angle angle was messed with, so a thick shim was inserted between the bridge and the neck pocket.
The shim did not seem to have the right adhesive density, so I remade the shim out of construction paper.
Also, the last time I maintained the AC6, the saddles were not in the correct order, but this time the saddles on the 4th and 5th strings were not in the correct order.
I added a 0.2mm spacer to the 4th string and a 0.3mm + 0.2mm spacer to the 5th string.
I'm concerned about the amateur machining marks on the neck pocket, so I may consult the workshop soon.
2022.2.9: The neck stocking angle and bridge saddle R balance were readjusted, and the PU was tilted due to wire tension or counterbore interference, so I added cushioning material to each.
I also changed the sustain block from 42mm to 37mm and had no problems with interference.
I think the shim is starting to be affected by the tilt, so I'm going to have it reassembled and adjusted at the workshop soon.
2022.7.14: I had the neck pocket corrected and fret rubbed by PLEK at the workshop.
I put a board in between the two pieces of walnut wood to make up for the re-flattening and shaving.
The neck was originally designed to be slightly angled so that the height of the PU would be a good balance, but the angle became shallow and the PU was raised quite a bit.
The arm up range of motion has also been increased a little.
I think I was able to take the best possible measures compared to when I was assembling it by inserting my own drawing paper, etc.

Posted on May 23, 2021


body material

Walnut 1P

body finish

Oil Finish

neck material

Flame Maple

fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Cruson type

number of frets


scale length





1Vol,Mini SW x4(Rear PU Direct/PU ON/OFF SWx3),


Schaller S・FRT-2 42→37/R2



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