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Sadowsky TYO/Morden Edge Strat

owner: Shin

2021.12.14: I purchased this item after seeing it in person at a store.
The second picture is when I got it.
It had been replaced with chrome parts from the original except for the jack plate, and the PU had all been changed.
There were no accessories other than the arm, so I don't know the details, but it looks like it was ordered.
There are few FRT-equipped models, but I wanted to have one because I rarely see a model without recesses in other off-the-shelf products nowadays.
Many of those without recesses have an angled neck pocket to secure the floating width or a bridge that is almost solidly attached, but this one is designed to secure the floating width by digging the neck pocket shallower than normal synchronized tremolo guitars without an angle.
The neck joint is bush type, but there is no heel-less processing, and the corners are slightly rounded off.
2021.12.20: I asked Okada International directly for the serial number, and they gave me the data of the spec sheet at that time.
It was probably a dealer-ordered model at that time, and the PU was originally a combination of Suhr's Aldrich ML.
I am planning to restore it to specifications close to the original except for the PU.
2021.12.22: I had the PU replaced and the frets were damaged a lot, so I had them rubbed together at the workshop while I was working on restoring the metal parts back to stock.
The electrical parts on the guitar were very well done, but the wiring work was quite crude, and the price was not very good for the price.
I think I was able to make it sound a little more like an old component type by using a DiMarzio combination.

Posted on Dec 14, 2021




body material

AAA Quilt Maple Top/Alder Back

neck material


fingerboard material

Morado(Pau Ferro)

tuning machenes

Sperzel Trim Lock

number of frets

22(#6100 Nickel Steel)

scale length



DiMarzio F:DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary/C:FS-1/R:DP100F SUPER DISTORTION


1Vol,1Tone(Push&Pull with Front PU Coil Tap),5way Lever SW,


Floyd Rose Original 37/R2



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