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Gibson/Les Paul Classic Trans Amber

owner: Shin

2023.8.4: I have been interested in the Greeny model that Gary Moore used to play, and I was hoping to find a Les Paul of the same age in similar colors, but the price has gone up so much in recent years that I almost gave up.
I expected it to be a Premium Plus or Plus from the Flame Maple grain on the top, but there is no description on the PU tag so I don't know the details.
The rear PU is a Duncan JB, and the frets on the second string are worn out, so I assume the previous owner played in a melo-core band.
The whole thing has been cleaned and is now quite clean.
2023.8.16: I had the cracks on the back of the head glued and the frets rubbed together at a repair workshop.
The original pickguard was missing, but the bracket was still there and I found some screw holes that had been used in the past, so I added the current Gibson original pickguard.
I replaced the rear PU with a 57 Classic and the front with a Bare Knuckle PG Blues Neck.
For some reason, the front Vol pot was 300k ohm, so it was replaced with 500k ohm, and the rear Vol pot and 2 capacitors were also replaced.
The pickguard is ideal because I personally want to have a pickguard while it looks more like a Greeny Les Paul, including the neck repair scar.
2023.10.8: I had the ABR-1 replaced with a Montreux ABR-1 Type because it was warped and the saddle grooves were getting deeper and resonating.
The only difference is that the bridge itself does not have the ABR-1 engraved on it.
The only difference is that the bridge itself doesn't have the ABR-1 engraving. The plating is so different from the tailpiece that it doesn't feel right, so I'm going to replace it when I change the strings next time.
2023.11.4: I replaced the tailpiece with a Crewdson aluminum one and the studs with a set of steel ones.
I can feel the raw sound has changed to a sparkling tone.
2024.4: I replaced the PU with a Greeny Bucker SET.
I did not invert the front PU because I do not want to make a replica of Greeny.

Posted on Aug 4, 2023


sound features

The Greeny Bucker SET gives the guitar the official Gibson phase sound.

The non-potting, high-gain, full-tempo sound often causes feedback in band sounds, so you have to be very careful with the Vol and Tone.
I was under the impression that the 57Classic was more in tune with my ideal sound, so I am wondering if removing the cover would bring me closer to my ideal sound. I am wondering if I can get closer to my ideal if I remove the cover.

body material

Flame MapleTop/1Piece Mahogany Back

neck material


fingerboard material

Rose Wood

tuning machenes

Cruson type(JAPAN)

number of frets


scale length



Gibson Greeny Bucker SET


ABR-1/T.O.M(Made in Germany)



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