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Gibson/Les Paul Classic Amber

owner: Shin

2023.8.4: I have been wondering if there was a Les Paul of the same age in similar color as Gary Moore's beloved Greeny from the regular line, but I almost gave up on it due to the price hike in recent years, and then I was able to bid on it at a low price.
I expected it to be a Premium Plus or Plus from the Flame Maple grain on the top, but there is no description on the PU tag so I don't know the details.
The rear PU is a Duncan JB, and the frets on the second string are worn out, so I assume the previous owner played in a melo-core band.
I cleaned the whole thing and got it pretty clean, but the crack on the back of the head seems to be moving when I put strings on it, so I will ask the workshop to glue and fret rub it soon.
2023.8.16: The cracks in the head have been glued and fret rubbed by the repair workshop.
The original pickguard is missing, but the bracket is still there and there were some screw holes from the past, so I added the current genuine Gibson pickguard.
I replaced the rear PU with a 57 Classic and the front with a Bare Knuckle PG Blues Neck.
For some reason, the front Vol pot was 300k ohm, so it was replaced with 500k ohm, and the rear Vol pot and 2 capacitors were also replaced.
The pickguard is ideal because I personally want to have a pickguard while it looks more like a Greeny Les Paul, including the neck repair scar.

Posted on Aug 4, 2023


sound features

The 57Classic and PG Blues Neck have a phased sound in the mixed position.
This is a slightly different trebly sound than the rear, but I think it is a glossy sound that may be a combination of the guitar itself and the setup.

body material

Flame MapleTop/1Piece Mahogany Back

neck material


fingerboard material

Rose Wood

tuning machenes

Cruson type(JAPAN)

number of frets


scale length



F:Bare Knuckle PG Blues Neck/R:Gibson 57 Classic


ABR-1/T.O.M(Made in Germany)



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