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The Ultimate Mustang

owner: Musashi

When I visited pawn shops in the U.S., there were no decent guitars to be found. The only decent guitar I saw was a mustang.
I bought about 6 guitars.
I also bought two white guitars, which I love, but I didn't know they had two different scales. I never knew that before. Now they are missing.

At an old pawn shop, as usual, I encountered something that should not be seen by suspicious Asian intruders.
The guitar neck in the photo.
"Let's combine it with the white mustang I have in Japan.
That was my plan to create the ultimate mustang.

But my conscience refused to let me separate the original body and neck.
Some of the body parts (screws) are from a jaguar of the same age.
Some of the body parts (screws) came from a Jaguar of the same age.
I got the original case of the same age from another pawn shop.
Some repairmen say that tiger eyes are not good, but they are idiots. There is no evidence for this.

At that time, I could buy a 90S Mustang for about $200 or whatever the asking price was.

Posted on Jan 30, 2012
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