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mustang convert

owner: Azn Mg

It is considerably modified.

I have small hands, so I bought a medium scale mustang.
But since I am copying Dir and other stuff, I changed the rear pickup to a single hum hot rail because of the lack of distortion.

The volume with the front pickup is not enough, so I installed SSL-4 on the front pickup.

I was shocked by HYDE's Mustang, so I modified its appearance.

The phase switch was removed because it is not used, and a toggle switch was installed at the tone position.

The pegs were also changed to white pegs.

I felt uncomfortable with the hole for the phase switch on the pickguard, so I bought a white pickguard.
Filled the hole for the phase switch and repainted it.

I happened to think to swap the front and rear and it was pretty good, so I swapped the ssl-4 for the rear and the hot rail for the front.

Recently, the pickguard is getting a nice cream color. ←Now here

The total cost of modification was about 30,000 yen.
I asked a music shop to modify the switches and replace the pickups, so the labor cost is also quite a bit.

The pickguard was made by my friend, so I don't need to pay for it.

I have no money to pay for the pickguard.

But the best thing was that it was a mustang just like Azunyan's. I was so excited when I saw him playing a mustang in the original work.
I was so excited when I saw him playing the Mustang in the original story.

Posted on Jun 24, 2011
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I like distortion.

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