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This is my first Vintage guitar

owner: Dra Wrappin'

This is the first Vintage Guitar I bought.

I bought it from a music shop in Japan.

It is a Mustang made in 1964.
It has one less fret. The scale is quite short and the space between frets is narrow.
The scale is quite short and the space between frets is narrow.
The high frets are hard to play even for me with small hands.

One day, I tried a Vintage Guitar for the first time, and I couldn't forget it because the grip of the neck was so wonderful. I didn't buy it at that time, but after that I decided "I must buy it! I decided to buy it.

It was in all original condition, but I had a repairman look at it and did a practical repair.

◎Refret, re-nut, jack replacement

The rest is original including the case. No weather check and in good condition.

The output is weak, so the sound is what is commonly called "dead sound". The sound is not too thick, so it does not get buried in the band sound.

It is good to use Fuzz Face or Big Muff for distortion.

Posted on Feb 13, 2012


sound features

Dead sound?

Not buried in the band sound.

purchase price

About 230000

body material

Alder (not poplar, apparently)

body finish

Olympic White

fingerboard material

Hakaranda (brand-name variety of Hakaranda)



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