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(Sold) LA-85kk 2nd bottle

owner: Shin

2016.3.6: The neck of the same model I have has started to develop a habit and the string height can no longer be lowered much, so just as I started to think about replacing it, I found this interesting looking modification on sale.
I was thinking about replacing it when I found this interesting looking modification for sale.
One nut cap and a screw were missing.
I took it apart and rewired it with Belden and Kester to clean it up and compare it to the factory one.
I changed the bottom switch to a direct switch like LA-CUSTOM-kk, and put an orange drop capacitor in the volume pot for high pass and a switch pot to mix the rear and front PU when pushed. The volume pot is a direct switch as well.
Also, when halftone is selected, all three are turned on (lol).
The polarity of the stock PU magnets are all the same, so the halftone will sound phased, but I personally never use it, so I try to invert the center so it doesn't phase, but it doesn't work. I tried to invert the center so it wouldn't phase, but I couldn't do it because the Zaguri is only divided into rooms between the front and the center.
I tried to invert the rear to avoid phasing in both mixes, but I couldn't do it because the zagri is divided into rooms only between the front and the center.
Also, I replaced only the center PU with a Belden because the original wire broke while working on it.
2016.3.16: I received the lock nut but it was the wrong size and I had a part on hand that fit in a different color, so I decided to use that.
2016.7:I transferred it to an acquaintance who is also a lark lover.

Posted on Mar 13, 2016
sound features

Despite its appearance, it's a single, so you can't use it deeply distorted...
The halftone might be easier to use now that it's not the stock phase sound, but it's still center. But I don't think I'll use it much because the PU itself is turned down a bit, so the output is reduced after all.

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Soft Maple

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1Vol(high pass + front + rear mix SW),Direct SW,5way selecter





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