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Gibson - Les Paul Standard

owner: Shin

2018.6.9: I had been using a copy model of a domestic brand because I was not comfortable with Gibson for a long time, but I thought it was no use complaining without ever having played the real thing, so I decided to look for my own passable model, and I found the model and condition I was looking for in Kanto and ordered it from you. I found the model and condition I was looking for in the Kanto area and ordered it.
I bought it because it had a sound and setting that I had never seen in Les Pauls, it had Grover pegs, it had a burst color with a pickguard, it was the same age as me, and it was on sale in the store.
I had been looking for something that focused on settings such as string height, which I was obsessed with, but I was surprised to find that even with the same settings, the guitar itself did not sound or play well.
I'm glad I bought it because I realized that each guitar has its own settings that make it sound better, and I can make use of the sound in my current copybang.
Dec. 6, 2020: I replaced the PU with one I was interested in, and I also replaced all the pots and capacitors, although there was nothing wrong with them.
I also changed the knobs to make it more 60's style with the advice of a friend who knows a lot.
I was not sure how much of it was genuine except for what was mentioned in the store's specs description, but it seems that the rear PU was taken apart once and one magnet was put in a different direction than it should have been, and some parts were added in the middle, so it might have been taken from a SG or similar. I think it might have been taken from a SG or something.
I added a cover while I had the short wiring replaced from the root, so if I put it back to stock, both will be covered.
2021.6.23: I was concerned about the low frets and high nut, so I had the bridge scuffed with a plek.
The bridge itself was starting to deform, so I had it replaced with a new one.
2023.6.28: The BKP Mule set was a good PU with little noise and no habits, but I returned it to stock.
In addition, I am replacing the escutcheon with a tall type.
I used it for a day and filed both front and back to match the arch of the body top.
I don't want to do it again.

Posted on Jun 12, 2018


type of gear

Les Paul

body material


neck material


fingerboard material

Rose wood

tuning machenes

Crewdson to GROVER exchange (at the time of acquisition).

number of frets


scale length



Gibson 500T/496R


2vol,2tone,3way toggle sw





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