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RY Guitar/HSH Dinky Type 24F (made to order)

owner: Shin

2020.6.9: It seems to be a unit that has been on the market several times, but I think I got it at a reasonable price considering that I had to order it.
The octave adjustment is not very good, the tone knob is fixed in a place where the push & push operation is not possible, and the peg screws are loose, so the previous owner or dealer may not have handled it well.
It is fortunate that there is almost no apparent damage.
There seems to be no modifications as the electrical and other components are no different from those on the workshop's introduction page.
The fret ends are starting to show some lift and burrs.
The rear PU is not trem pitch for some reason, but like the Arc, the pole piece is placed a little under the strings and the chamfering of the screw holes is well done.
2020.9: I consulted with the maker about the state of the fret ends that I felt a tugging, and he modified it to a certain degree.
He told me that he had brought most of the parts with him, so the pole piece of the rear PU was also assembled with parts that were not originally used.
December 7, 2020: The pitch of the pole piece of the rear PU was not correct, and I wanted to improve the balance of the sound, so I replaced the front and rear PUs.
In addition, I was concerned about the heavy torque of the vol pot, so I took it apart and replaced the grease, and changed the knobs from metal to strat type.
The wiring was changed so that it can be tapped only when the switch pot is on, but it is now auto-tapped at half-tone.
2021.10.30: I had it replaced to improve the fret float, rubbing marks, and fret edge hooking feel that had been bothering me since I got it.
The specs listed in the specs introduction say 6150 size, but the correct size is 6105 standard, and I chose Jescar 55090 stainless steel, which is the same as 6105.
The nut was originally TUSQ, but it was changed to ox bone.
The paint job was also changed from TUSQ to cow bone, and only the surface of the neck was re-painted along with the fingerboard modification.

Posted on Jun 10, 2020

USA production → Japan incorporation

body material

Quilt Maple Top/Mahogany Back

body finish

All lacquer → repainted with poly only on the fingerboard

neck material


fingerboard material

Maple (paste)

tuning machenes

Sperzel Trim Lock

number of frets

24(Jescar 55090 Stainless)

scale length



Suhr F:Thornbacker Raw Nickel/C:ML CL/R:Thornbacker+ 53mm Raw Nickel


1Vol,1Tone(Push&Push F&R PU Coil Tap),5way Lever SW,





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