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RY Guitar/Full-size Strato-type

owner: Shin

2020.12.9: The body was assembled based on a body that was in the workshop's stock.
The second image is at the time of completion.
The painted body had been neglected for almost 10 years after it was purchased from the factory.
The burst condition of this HSH 1P body is darker than what you often see on the body, and the counterbores are beautiful.
I used DiMarzio, which has been my personal favorite in recent years, to create an element that is a mixture of the strats used by Takeshi Hoshino and Michiya Haruhata.
I had the pickguard made in black/red/black 3-ply to match the Barenaked Element as well.
The neck is made of #6100 stainless steel, which is the thickest fat and the largest fret size available in the Warmoth standard.
I had the neck fretted with #6100 stainless steel, which is the largest fret size available in Warmoth.
I didn't feel any difficulty in playing due to the thickness of the fretboard, but I think that once I get used to it, I won't be able to get used to other necks that are too thin (...).
2021.1.9: I felt more at home with the EMG, so I transplanted the one I had on my XJ-6.
Conversely, I transplanted the DiMarzio I had on this to the XJ.
There is no battery box, so I put it in the space between the pots, taking measures to prevent leakage of electricity.
There are no taps or other functions, just simple specs.
2021.7.28: I wanted to replace it with gold parts if it was going to be EMG for appearance.
I wanted to make it as cheap as possible, so I thought I could use a GOTOH bridge, but it slightly interfered with the counterbore, so I ended up buying a used bridge only...
The arm that came with the bridge was black for some reason, so I changed it to a push-in type while replacing it.
I put a 0.3mm spacer on the lock nut last time, but when I assembled it this time, it was not high enough, so I put a 0.5mm spacer that comes with GOTOH's lock nut.
The design of the knob of the peg was changed to a Cruson type knob to make the head a little lighter.
I also had the battery box dug out at the workshop to make battery replacement easier.
The joint plate is a 3mm thick plate made by Freedom, because I thought a plain gold plate would be too boring.
I wondered if the neck would not warp if it was thicker, but as a result, it warped normally (lol).

Posted on Dec 9, 2020



USA production → Japan incorporation

type of gear


body material

Alder 1P

neck material

Quarter Sawn Maple

fingerboard material

Maple (paste)

tuning machenes

GOTOH SG360-05

number of frets

22(#6100 Stainless Steel)

scale length



EMG 60/SA/58


1Vol,1Tone,5way Lever SW


Floyd Rose Original 37/R2



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