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2021.6.19: I think it's been a little while since I was able to win this auction because I was scavenging junk at the auction.
The bridge was changed from HEAD CRUSHER to Floyd original including lock nut at the time of acquisition.
The tension bar was chrome, and the PU had been replaced with a Jackson USA one, but the wiring to the vol pot was broken, so there was no sound.
The bridge has been recessed by an amateur.
The jacks were rusted and the pot resistance was not 500k, so I replaced each of them and renewed the wiring material.
The Jackson PU on the guitar was still there, but I used a Duncan TB-14 because the pole piece was not trem pitch.
I opened up the pickguard and found that it was originally a lunchbox and that there were screw holes for other than the factory ones, so it looks like it was used in the past.
The missing arm was replaced with a GOTOH 6mm screw-in type.
When we tried to replace the tension bar with the current black one, the pitch of the mounting screws was different, so it could not be attached as it was.
There are many places where the tension bar is not in the correct position at the manufacturing stage.
The fingerboard's 6th string side has been shaved at an angle as it goes to the high position, and the lock nut is also off on the 6th string side at R2, even though R3 is the correct width according to the specifications, leaving a large gap on the 1st string side.
The pickguard is also slightly off-angle.
2021.7.13: I had to have the fretboard replaced and the fretboard corrected because I could only see the strings falling off if I corrected the misaligned locknut position by treating the end of the fretboard that was cut off on the stroked shoulder, and some frets were damaged and not high enough to be worn together.
The fretboard between the 21st and 22nd frets had been scalloped and the fretboard radius had been cleaned up.
The fretboard was marked 350R in the catalog, but in fact it was about 305R, so I had it modified accordingly and the frets were Jescar 57110.
The tension bar was not balanced between the rod cover and the string position, and the range of tuning deviation after tightening the nut cap was acceptable with fine tuners, so I had the original hole filled and omitted the tension bar.
The lock nut was replaced with GOTOH's GHL-1 (43mm wide).
The modified fingerboard R3 seems to fit the original R3, but the current one has a too thick base and the durability was dangerous because the neck had to be cut down further, and I decided to use GOTOH because the center of the string comes out more than the R2 that was attached and the cutting of the neck was minimized.
I had the nut height lowered to the very limit, but the 1st and 6th strings are a little high for balance reasons, but I think it is acceptable.
One of the pegs was starting to act suspiciously, so I replaced all the pegs with new ones of the same current standard.
I wanted to clean up the amateur recess marks on the bridge, but I didn't do anything this time because they were wider than the original area to be dug and there was a possibility that the anchors would fall over.
The pickguard was also repositioned by filling in the screw holes and reopening them, and the Vol knob was relocated and a mini switch was attached to the original hole.
July 28, 2021: The PU was replaced with a TB-4, and the mini-switch was rewired for Series/Tap/Parallel effect.
The sustain block was originally 42mm, but it was slightly long and not parallel to the hanger, so I replaced it with a 37mm brass block.
2022.4: I sold this guitar at a disposal price because I got a STJ-90 and even though I had the fretboard modified, the bridge and nut were made to specifications that did not match and I lost the motivation to play it mentally and hygienically.
I feel it was a shame to sell it for a very negative price in terms of the labor cost...

Posted on Jun 22, 2021


body material


neck material


fingerboard material

Rose Wood

tuning machenes

GOTOH SG360-07

number of frets


scale length



Seymour Duncan TB-4


1Vol,PU series/tap/parallel mode select SW,


Floyd Rose Original 37(ブラス製) + GOTOH GHL-1



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