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owner: Shin

2020.5.26: There are specs with 24 frets, FRT, and full mode sustainer on them all the time, but there are no maple fretboards at all! I'm not sure if it's a spot item or a Elite that came out a while back.
There were a few spot models and the Elite that came out a while ago, but they all had a different look and specs that didn't quite meet the specifications that I wanted.
This one I just bought has an ash body and a layout and control specs that are narrowed down for the sustainer, which is ideal.
It is a sample model of the FR-DLX that came out in 2018, with a SuperDistortion rear PU and a color that was not in the lineup.
Why not use the F-Space or Trembucker standard, as was the Elite?
I heard at the event that the mystery behind the use of SH-4 was that it worked well when the manufacturer was developing it, but I have heard from people who work with sustainers in the workshop that this is not the case... ...
At any rate, we think the rear PU was changed to market it as a spot product.
There is an "A" stamped next to the serial number as evidence of a sample model.
I think the color is white see-through burst, but the actual body edge is pearl silver. I think it might be White Silver Burst?
I was expecting a white burst like the one on G-Life, so I was surprised when I saw it in person...
To be honest, I can't say it's a good one because the neck has a slight waviness and the frets are floating, but it's a sample special price (no manufacturer's warranty), so it's quite cheap from the regular price. I bought it cheap and it is a backup for my sustainer, so I will maintain it moderately and use it.
2020.10.14: The sustainer was transplanted to NTG and the electrical specifications were renewed.
2020.11.11: I sold the FR-ELT after getting some parts for it.
It seems to have gone overseas.

Posted on May 26, 2020


serial number

A FG15110346



sound features

The sustainer's operation is not as intense as the FR-85QC, and the sound through the base is not as sharp as the FR-85QC, which has different specs and modifications around the base. I am very happy with the sound of the FR-85QC.

body material

Ash 2P

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets


scale length



F: Chinese twin blade type / R: Seymour Duncan TB-4


1Vol,1Tone,3way Lever Switch,Mini SW(Coil Tap x2),


Gotoh 1996T(FERNANDES logo)



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