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owner: Shin

2018.4.4: I've been looking for this one for a long time because it was a candidate when I was looking for a reverse head Fell, but it didn't show up at all.
It is modeled by Akira Nakayama of Plastic Tree, but it is in fact a Nuno model made by Fell, lol.
Compared to the N2, the neck is thinner and the high position is not as easy to play.
The body is also wider and thinner than the N2, and there is no head angle, but the tension bar specification is safer.
The deciding factor in my purchase was that the signature was on the back panel, although I don't know if it is genuine or not, lol.
2018.11.25: I replaced the volume pot from stock B500kΩ to BOURNS A500kΩ (Push-Pull) and added a coil tap function for the rear PU and an orange drop high pass capacitor.
The wiring was also rewired with BELDEN and Kester44 solder to make it sound crisper than before.
2021.1.22: The front PU was replaced with a Duncan SH-1N (4-conductor) and the wiring was rewired cleaner than before so that the front can be coil-tapped.
The logo on the PU was almost gone, but I polished it with compound and almost erased it.
I made it look like the PU he was using at the time, but the body shape and neck joint position of the second generation model he used were quite different from the original one, and it had an ebony fretboard.
When I compare it to the FR-155PT, this one has no problems with the octave or neck joint area, so I don't know why it was built so badly with the same specs except for the color...
2023.5: I sold it because I was satisfied with owning it as well.

Posted on Apr 5, 2018


type of gear

Fernandes Revolver

body material

Ash 45mm

neck material


fingerboard material

Rose wood

tuning machenes


number of frets


scale length



F:VH-1F→Seymour Duncan SH-1N /R:Bill Lawrence L-500


1Vol(Push&Pull with PU Coil tap),3way mini toggle SW


Schaller S・FRT-2 37/R2



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