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owner: Shin

2020.12.20: I have never seen this one in the market, although it was listed in the catalog.
It is a Majora color, but the coloring is much brighter than that of musicman, and the range of green coloring is wider than that of musicman.
It is almost similar to the N4, and I think there were probably no more than 60 of these made. The specs are FR-95PT.
The specs are supposed to be exactly the same as the FR-95PT except for the paint job, but there is a fatal mistake in the assembly of this model.
The neck pocket is 2mm deeper than the correct size, and the wall on the front PU side has been shaved 5mm too much, making it impossible to adjust the octave without shims.
I added two sheets of construction paper shims to the original pickguard shims to make it taller.
If this were a so-called prototype or something that was passed around as B grade, I would not blame you a bit, but if this is the case with other units, I just can't see the value of the list price...
The other thing is that there are a fair amount of dents on the body due to poor handling by previous owners, and the tremolo spring was replaced with three SCUD power springs, but the floating is unstable, so the damage to the studs may be serious.
The jack was also replaced with a Switchcraft mill standard jack, but it was rusted, so I replaced it with a regular new one.
The PU selector was black, but it is strange that only this part is black, so I replaced it with a chrome one to make it more like the one he used.
All the screws on the escutcheon had rusted heads, so I replaced them with new ones.
Dec. 27, 2020: The tremolo spring has been replaced with a GOTOH SP 3-piece and the two studs that were damaged have also been replaced.
The accuracy is now acceptable, although it is not completely free from deviations.
I also added cushioning material to the strap pins.
2021.3.12: I had the guitar reassembled and readjusted, the frets rubbed together, and the nut height adjusted at the workshop.
The plastic plate and shim in place of the spacer in the neck pocket were removed, and a spacer was made from the same Ash wood as the body to improve the adhesive density in the gap between the neck and body.
2021.11.2: I replaced the 16Φ Vol pot on this with a switch pot and rewired the rear PU so that it can be coil-tapped while I wanted the 16Φ Vol pot on this to repair another guitar.
2023.5:I sold it because I only looked at it sometimes.

Posted on Dec 21, 2020


body material


neck material


fingerboard material

Rose Wood

tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets


scale length



F:FERNANDES VH-1/R:Bill Lawrence L-500


1Vol(Pull with Rear PU Coil Tap),3:way mini toggle SW,


Schaller S・FRT-2 37/R2



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