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Fender Japan Jag-Stang (modified)

owner: Kazu

It has been my main guitar ever since I had a strange encounter with it when I was a junior in high school.
It happened to be a dealer's selection from the early 2003 reissue, thanks to a friend of the Fender guy who worked at a music store I was getting to know well at the time.

It has been modded a lot.
The pickups have been replaced with a DiMarzio Area '67 on the front and a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover on the rear. I originally did not use the rear pickups because I did not like the sound of humbuckers, but I liked the sound of the so-called PAF pickups, so I replaced them. The front pickups simply stopped sounding after a few years of use. I used it roughly....
The frets were replaced with stainless steel after about 6 years of use. I also replaced the nut with a brass one at the same time because I use open strings a lot, so that there is less difference in sound between open strings and pressed strings.
I replaced the pegs with Gotoh Magnum locks. I don't chalk so much, but it is simply easier to change strings.
The capacitor is Black Cat. Pots, jacks, and switches have been replaced several times (more for maintenance than modification).
I'm also a Carp fan, to the extent that I have a Hiroshima Toyo Carp decal sticker on the head.

By the way, I am not a Kurt Cobain or Nirvana fan, although I use this guitar as my main instrument.
When I bought this guitar, my main guitar at the time (Fender Japan Strat) broke right before a show, and I had to rush to buy another one.
As a lover of Fender's student models, I fell in love with this model at first sight, and after consulting with my favorite music shop, I was able to contact a Fender dealer who was able to stock some good ones within a few days.
So, sorry to all the Kurt followers.

Posted on Jan 25, 2013




body material

Nominally basswood, heavy for

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Magnum Lock (Gotoh SDS510)

number of frets

stainless steel

scale length

24 inches


Front: DiMarzio Area '67
Rear: SeymourDuncan SH-55b Seth Lover



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