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(Sold) AIRCRAFT neck + Bubinga 1PBody

owner: Shin

2020.7.15: I bought this guitar from an auctioneer who was selling an old guitar that I had been interested in for a long time, but which had been modified and repaired in various ways.
The seller said that the guitar had this specification when he got it, but as far as I can see from the body processing, it seems that the body was built based on the neck, not from AIRCRAFT's production line.
When I got it, it was assembled with gold parts.
There was no selector switch, and the balancer pot was used to adjust the front and rear blending.
The only problem was that the ground wire was wired to the place where the balancer pot rotates, and the ground wire was shredded before I could check the operation...
I changed the metal parts to black while reworking the wiring.
The body is quite heavy and this control is not very practical.
2021.7.21: At the time of acquisition, both front and rear PUs were L500, but I decided to replace most of the electrical components in order to improve the versatility and practicality of the sound.
I had the original escutcheon holes filled and reopened, lever switch holes drilled, and other minor modifications done at the workshop.
The metal parts were returned to their original gold color, and the escutcheon was also gold-plated, which came with the guitar when I bought it.
I think it now looks like the Fell FST series from the 80's, lol.
The bottom pot hole was open for a 16Φ pot, and I thought it would look too crowded with controls if I put gold knobs on all three pots. So we added a mini-switch for coil tap and a tone knob similar to the type seen on James Tyler and others.
The lever switch is a simple 3-way switch this time.
I was told at the time I got it that the body was made of Pear or Bubinga, but when I asked the workshop to take a look, they said it was probably Bubinga.
2021.8.8: I had a set of front and rear 59 PUs, but I had plans to use them for other guitars, so I replaced them with extra TB-14/SH-2Ns.
The front and mix sound very similar and I thought I made a wiring mistake, but it seems to be balanced that way.
2021.10.4: The nut was too high, so I had it shaved at the workshop, which made it easier to hold the chords.
2021.12.12: I sold it because it was not used often and it was a bit distressed for my collection.

Posted on Jul 20, 2020
body material

Bubinga 1P

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets


scale length



Seymour Duncan TB-14/SH-2N


1Vol,1Tone,F&R PU CoilTap SW,3way Lever SW



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