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owner: Shin

2020.6.10: I bought it because it was on sale and the price was reduced a little.
The product page says AC5, but I think it's a 7 because the body shape and counterbore are the same as the 7 I have.
The rear PU has been replaced, and the area where the logo would have been on the surface has been intentionally shaved off, there are sticker marks, and the wire color is the same as Duncan's, but I don't know the details.
A resistor and capacitor have been added to the vol pot, and it has a smooth taper.
In the neck pocket, there was a piece of sandpaper instead of shim, simple specifications, colors, and Mr. Yokoyama's signature.
The neck is wavy and twisted, and despite the signs of use, it looks like it has been handled nicely.
The single PU pole piece is off on the first string side, and the pickguard may need to be redone.
2020.7.8: I had the pot holes in the pickguard enlarged and changed from 1Vol,2Tone to Vol,Front PU series/tap/parallel SW,TBX and also changed all PUs to Dimarzio.
The rear tap is wired to auto-tap only at halftone using the selector, as I don't think I'll ever use it.
The missing strap pin was replaced with a Dunlop lock pin, so I replaced it with a new one.
I cleaned the metal parts as much as I could.
The pickguard was 3H, but I thought only SSH would be suitable because of the shape of the pickguard.
The controls and knobs are also similar to the original pickguard design of the original manufacturer.
2021.11.29: I had it replaced because the paint was noticeably peeled off due to wave twisting, and the frets were worn down due to fret wear.
I put back the front and center PUs that were originally on the guitar, and replaced the rear with a PafPro, which I thought would be easier to handle due to the layout.
The rear PU is now wired for auto-tap and master tone pull for coil-tapping.
I also added the original resistor and high pass capacitor to the Vol.
The other tone is a low cut tone like Schecter's.
2021.12.27: I had the pickguard redone because the PU position was slightly off and the 3 knobs were hard to use.
I made it a vintage pearl design, not the same as the factory one, and I think it is closer to the original design that became the motif.
The rear PU was changed back to a PAF type PU with an additional cover, the details of which were unknown when I got it.
The controls have also been returned to the specifications of the original modification.

Posted on Jun 10, 2020


sound features

All the PUs have a nice, in-your-face sound, and the treble boost on the TBX gives it a crisper sound.

body material


neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

GOTOH SD91-HAPM-05M-L6-Nickel

number of frets


scale length



1Vol,TBX,Rear PU Coil Tap SW,5way Lever SW.





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