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owner: Shin

2021.2.10: I bought this one along with AC-5 because it was half price on sale.
This one was also hung up at that store for probably 3 years.
I remember seeing a music store in Niigata selling it around the time I bought my first AC-5, and I saw how it was sold at the store where I bought this one after they sold it at a discount on sale.
The bridge arm is screwed in and the studs are wood screws, so I guess it was built in the early 90's. The inlay is in the shape of Inazuma.
The inlay is in the shape of an inazuma, and I checked on the Internet and it seems that there is a 2H layout of this model.
I've also seen other 2H maple tops with diamond shaped inlays in the pictures, but I guess this model itself may not have been made in 10 units, judging from the specs and the number of copies in circulation.
The heel-less finish of the neck is different from the one I bought before, and this one has a rounded and smooth finish like a through neck.
I was surprised to find a special flight case made by Almor.
2021.2.22: I did the overall maintenance work.
The PU is probably the original made in Japan at that time, judging from the wiring material.
The rear PU was also wired to be tapped at half tone.
The bridge saddle screw was replaced with a shorter one, because it had to be lowered to the point where the tip of the screw protruding from the base plate interferes with the body.
Unfortunately, the bridge is a little bit off the 6th string, so I will consult with the workshop about this.
I also noticed that the top is made of maple, judging from the color of the wood in the joints and the chipped paint.
2021.11.16: I had the stud holes filled in, repositioned, and replaced with anchor-type studs at the workshop to correct the misalignment of the bridge center and the inability to physically lower the string height.
Due to the design of the bridge, it interferes with the body when the bridge is lowered too far, so it must be handled with care, but I am glad that the high positive 6th string drop caused by the misaligned center was corrected.
The frets were also partially flattened by rubbing together, which was corrected.
While replacing the pots, the tone was changed to a switch pot so that the rear PU can be coil-tapped.
The knobs were also replaced with hat type knobs since the stock knobs felt too big to turn and touch the selector when operating.

Posted on Feb 10, 2021


sound features

The front and center are not hum canceled, giving the impression of a glaring sound in all positions.

body material

Maple Top/Mahogany Back

neck material


fingerboard material


tuning machenes

Gotoh SG381

number of frets


scale length



1Vol,1Tone(Push&Pull with Coil Tap),5way Lever SW,


Floyd Rose Original 42/R2



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